A little about Vital ID

A little about us...

At Vital ID, we are committed in providing well designed quality ID products to consumers who care about their loved ones and to customers looking for quality ID solutions for their own use.

Originally our company was founded to provide ID solutions to parents to keep their children safe. From the outset, our business has flourished enabling us to provide quality ID products to a greater number of people outside of our original focus of providing peace of mind to parents

An ID for everyone

An ID for everyone

At Vital ID we recognize to be effective the ID solution has to be tailored to each persons specific requirements. We have developed several product ranges designed to perfectly match these differing needs.

We are a company based on innovation and continual improvement. If you have a specific I.D need that we aren't presently addressing, please let us know.

An ID for everyone

Uncompromised quality...

Product quality has been the keystone of our business right from the beginning. From the selection of raw materials through to the construction and manufacturing of our products, this high level of quality is an integral part of each and every one of our Vital ID products.

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