Medical ID

Medical ID

  • Medical ID - solid Group (sml)

    Medical ID Bracelets

    Our Medical ID Bracelets are a fresh approach to medical alert bracelets already on the market. We solved the problems often highlighted by wearers of traditional “metal” bracelet ID’s. Problems that would normally prevent them from wearing any kind of medical bracelets or medical alert bracelets. We have developed quality medical ID bracelets that eliminates [...]

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  • NEW & IMPROVED!! - I.D cards (3 fold)

    Spare ID Cards (4 pack)

    These cards fit the following products: Medical ID Bracelet (all sizes) Child “Safety” ID Bracelet Sport ID Bracelet (all sizes) Supplied 4 cards per pack. These cards are made from a durable 100% waterproof material. Complete the ID card using a fine-tipped permanent marker, fold the card along the creases and insert it into the [...]

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  • Emergency Wallet Card

    Emergency ID – “Wallet Card”

    This durable “Emergency ID” is a strong plastic credit card sized ID that that can easily be stored in your wallet or purse. This is a great “back up” to supplement the effectiveness of our medical ID bracelets and Sport ID bracelet and Shoe ID. Fully waterproof, you can write your information both on the [...]

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  • permanent marker

    Permanent Marker – black (fine tipped)

    A perfect permanent marker for completion of the ID cards in all of our products.

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